Guided by the District’s Investment Policy, the investment team adopts a conservative while flexible approach in deploying its cash funds in various types of investment portfolios. The District’s investment strategy is an integral part of our overall fiscal and cash flow planning, both short and long term.

Goals and objectives

Short term investment – as part of the District’s continuous cash flow management, all excessive cash are invested in interest bearing accounts via the San Mateo County Investment Pool, LAIF and FDIC insured Certificate of Deposits. Short term investments are either retrievable on demand or with a maturity period of less than 12 months.

Long term investment – in order to sustain the District’s long term financial commitment, our employee’s retirement funds are managed by an independent investment specialist firm.

San Mateo County Community College District Investment Policy  

San Mateo County Community College District Investment Procedures  

San Mateo County Investment Policy  

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