You are about to enter the SMCCD Apple Custom Store.

This store is for the sole use of faculty and staff of the San Mateo County Community College District and contains computers specific to our needs. These computers have been specified and tested by the Colleges and ITS, and are warranted to last for 3-4 years.

Although you may find cheaper alternatives on the retail sites, the specifications and warranty are not adequate for SMCCCD purchases and therefore will not be supported or approved.

Visit Apple Store

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The next page contains a link "recommended systems", which represents the standard systems supported by our IT department. The picture below is the same image as the link on the SMCCD Custom Apple Store located on the right side of the next page.

Read the directions below carefully to obtain a web quote for your new Apple:

  1. On the SMCCD page, click on "Recommended Systems" to select your new computer or powerbook.
    **MAKE SURE AppleCare Protection Plan is selected.
  2. Once you have configured your system online:
    1. Click on the "Update Subtotal" button--you will be on the Apple page entitled "Step 2"
    2. On the "Step 3" page, click the continue button again.
    3. On the "Review Proposal" page, click the "Submit to purchaser" button.
    4. On the "Proposal Information" page--fill out the required apple form, or click the "Continue" button if registered previously.
      ***Be sure to enter your District buyer's email address to send the Web proposal to purchasing.
    5. Make a note of your web proposal number
  3. After you click "Continue", the Apple Web Proposal is forwarded to the SMCCD purchasing department's email address.
  4. To order your new Apple, you will still need to do a requisition if the order exceeds $200. In the item text of the req, enter your web proposal number and a brief description of your new Apple. P.O goes to APPLE COMPUTER. Vendor 942404110.
  5. The purchasing department will order your Apple , once the requistion has been approved through the campus approval queues.
  6. All computer equipment orders are shipped to ITS for software installation and imaging by ITS technicians. (send software requests to Yoseph at time of order placement)
  7. Once the order is imaged and ready for deployment, an ITS Technician will then make an appointment to deliver/install the computers for you.