District Student Council

District Student Council or DSC is a district level student council.  It consists of the elected President and Vice President of Associated Students from Canãda, College of San Mateo and Skyline College and is chaired by the elected San Mateo County Community College District Student Trustee. 

We are committed to representing student voice at the district level.  Our focus is to create equity, inclusion and access for students.  We welcome any input from students from our district during our public DSC meetings or feel free to contact your Student Trustee with any comments, questions or requests. We also want to create space for students to advocate for change that matters to them.  We would love to help you get your voice heard! 

We also have 5 seats on the District Paticipatory Governance Council, where policy is designed for board approval.  This allows students to have a say in what and how policies are created for schools. Student voice is so important to our schools, district and board of trustees!