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Strategic Goal 4

Ensure Necessary Resources Are Available To Implement This Strategic Plan Through Sound Fiscal Planning And Management Of Allocations And Protection Of Community-Supported Status.

Many initiatives to improve student success can be achieved within existing resources. At the same time, new resources generated from the District's entrepreneurial actions will add significantly to those resources available to increase student success. Entrepreneurial actions will draw upon new and existing partnerships throughout the County as well as the state, nation, and internationally. As the District embarks on the strategies in this plan, it is critical that the additional resources be invested in innovation, faculty and staff development, and other productive actions that result in higher levels of student success, social justice and equity.

Districtwide Strategies

  • Protect and solidify District funding, predominately in the form of property taxes, through interaction and advocacy with key county and state legislators and the State Chancellor’s Office. To ensure this is achieved, build coalitions among other community-supported districts and statewide associations.
  • Ensure strong fiscal stewardship and the efficient utilization of taxpayer resources in order to accomplish the strategic goals of the District.
  • Support actions across the District to provide alternative revenue sources to promote programs that increase student success, equity, and completion.
  • Develop and support legislation and Board policies that allow for greater flexibility and control over the use of District resources.
  • Expand the development, management, and grant funding strategy and infrastructure for the Districts and its Colleges.
  • Increase philanthropic development efforts in order to provide resources that can be used to support programs and efforts that increase student success, equity, and completion.
  • Develop Community, Continuing and Corporate Education (CCCE), as a net revenue generating program through increased lifelong learning and focus on not-for-credit professional certifications and customized workforce training for public and private-sector organizations, without infringement on established credit-based academic programs.
  • Increase credit-based enrollments through new credit/non-credit hybrid programming.
  • Contribute to the economic development of San Mateo County through collaborative partnerships with industry and workforce/economic development agencies.
  • Partner with local, regional, and state level governmental and other agencies in order to achieve the strategic goals of the District.
  • Review allocations and evaluate the investment of resources in order to align resource allocation with District goals and Districtwide strategies that increase student success, equity, and completion.