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Strategic Goal 2

Establish And Expand Relationships With School Districts, 4-year College Partners, Community-based Organizations And Employers To Increase Higher Education Attainment And Economic Mobility In San Mateo County

The District’s Colleges are the center of higher education opportunity for San Mateo County. Yet, past successes are no guarantee of future enrollment. It is unlikely that service area demographics during the current planning period can ensure continually increasing enrollments. It will be increasingly important to work with education partners and community-based organizations to ease students’ transitions to, within, and from the District’s Colleges.

Districtwide Strategies

  • Increase collaboration, interaction, and alignment with high school partners to increase successful transitions from local high schools to ensure higher education is accessible for all San Mateo high school students.
  • Increase outreach and recruitment efforts with San Mateo County high school partners, students, and parents to make the SMCCCD the “college of choice” for high school graduates.
  • Continue to expand and support Middle College and Early College opportunities.
  • Expand dual enrollment opportunities and make processes more efficient and accessible for secondary schools and their students.
  • Create faculty-to-faculty collaboration as part of high school partnerships for Dual Enrollment and Guided Pathways to better align curricula and to create seamless transitions from secondary to postsecondary education.
  • Work with feeder high schools to streamline processes for sharing transcript information to facilitate placement of more students into the appropriate transfer-level credit courses.
  • Create an active campus environment that creates a sense of belonging and engagement for students.
  • Increase and articulate Guided Pathways, programs, and services to improve career development and job placement to help students meet their stated goals.
  • Increase/expand partnerships with four-year colleges and universities to increase seamless curriculum alignment and direct program transfer, as well as develop opportunities to complete four-year degrees in San Mateo County.
  • Share data and information, especially about student success, with community partners.