Skyline College Building 1 Ceramics Laboratory Modernization

Skyline College Building 1 Ceramics Lab Modernization

Project Description:

The Ceramics Modernization Project will serve to update and renovate the existing classroom and support space for the ceramics curriculum at Skyline College. The existing 1500 sq. ft. facility in Building 1 will be modernized to improve functionality, comfort and efficiency. New furniture and equipment will be procured as well.

Improvements will include:

  1. New work surfaces to increase student comfort and class capacity.
  2. New ergonomic seating to improve student comfort.
  3. A new paint booth, hood and ventilation to apply specialized ceramic glazes in a safe, professional way.
  4. A new hood for a specialized “RAKU” glazing technique.
  5. New “Damp Room” for storage of student works in progress.
  6. Improvements to the kiln room enclosure and ventilation for improved student and staff comfort and efficiency.
  7. New electric kilns to serve the needs of the program.
  8. Improved cleaning/wash sinks for students and staff to clean their equipment after working with the raw clay and glazes.

Project Benefits:

The tangible benefits of this work will be a more comfortable teaching and learning environment for the students and staff. More ergonomic seating, more efficient work space and modern equipment will provide the program with increased capacity, efficiency and comfort.


  • Programming/Design: May, 2009 – July 2009
  • Production Phase:  Aug 2009 – Nov 2009
  • Bidding: Estimated Dates: Nov 2009- Dec 2009
  • Construction: Estimated Dates: Dec 2009 – Jan 2010
  • Completion: Estimated Dates: Jan 2010



Project Manager:Drew BagdasarianTelephone:415-397-4430Cell:415-515-6840E-Maildbagdasarian@drbassociates.comProject Assistant:Stephen MacMillanTelephone:415-397-4430Cell:415-846-7943E-Mailsmacmillan@drbassociates.comGeneral Contractor:Hensel Phelps Construction CompanyFunding Source(s):Measure A General Obligation Bond Funds