Skyline College Buildings 1&2 - Hazardous Substances Abatement

Construction Schedule: Completed Spring 2004

Funding Source(s): State Hazardous Substances Funding

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Description: Building 1 is occupied by Administrative offices, Language Arts, Art and Music Departments. Building 2 Third Floor is occupied by the Cafeteria, General Use Classrooms and a Lecture Hall. As a result of the heavy traffic over the years the tile flooring buckled and curled at the edges. The tile on these floors was VAT (vinyl asbestos tile) which was the standard flooring material at the time it was installed. Due to the poor condition of the flooring a project to replace the tile with modern VT (vinyl tile) was coordinated over the 03/04 Winter Break and during the Spring 2004 Semester. In addition much of the spray-on ceiling acoustical treatment (asbestos containing) was also abated in each building. The ceiling decks were repainted and glue-on foam panels were installed to improve acoustics. Acoustical panels were also installed at the One-Stop Student Services area at the Second Floor of Building 2.

Benefits: Replacing the damaged tile reduced the trip hazard from an uneven floor surface, in addition to improving the aesthetics in these spaces. Potentially hazardous substances were removed from occupied spaces. Noise issues were significantly reduced at the Admissions area in building 2.