Skyline Fitness Parkland and Accessible Route to College Ridge

The Fitness Parkland and Accessible Route to College Ridge Project will upgrade the Skyline College Track & Field area adding a new outdoor training space and a pedestrian pathway from the campus universal access to the College Ridge Faculty & Staff Housing.

Project features:

1. Construction of a new path of travel with improvements in the existing one

2. Construction of the Fitness Parkland with six exercise equipment stations on synthetic turf safety surfacing

3. Bicycle rack and pedestrian signs

4. Electrical upgrades, including 16 pedestrian lights.


Provide an outdoor space for the Skyline College Community to perform physical fitness as well as an easy access path to College Ridge.


Construction: Q1 2019 - Q2 2019
Occupancy: Q2 2019


In Construction

Contact Information

Project Manager

  Laura Ciravolo
  (650) 378-7343

Project Coordinator

  Virna Rodas De Moran
  (650) 574-6476


  Carducci Associates, Inc.

General Contractor

  Rodan Builders, Inc.
  (650) 740-5355