SKY B19 Swing Project

The project consist of limited interior improvements, plus the addition of a small loading dock to an existing 40,000 GSF building to support temporary classrooms, offices and campus services. In addition to the removal/relocation/installation of ceiling-height non bearing partition walls at various locations, there will be miscellaneous repairs of deteriorated structural elements. There will be technologies systems upgrades and associated mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades as well. Part of the work requires early completion.


The space will serve as an on-campus location for academic programs during the construction of new Building 1, the Social Sciences and Creative Arts Building.


Construction: May-December 2018

Completion: July 2018 (Phase 1); December 2018 (Overall) 



Contact Information

Project Manager

  Glenn Claycomb

Project Assistant

  Kristin Moorhouse

Architect/ Engineer

  Group 4 Architecture, Research + Planning

General Contractor

  Rodan Builders, Inc.