Skyline College Building 1 Renovation

A new elevator will be installed in Skyline Building 1 to improve vertical access for students and faculty. The toilet rooms will be remodeled to provide accessibility compliance. Select classroom areas will be improved for both physical and instructional access and refreshed to enhance the overall learning experience.

Improvements include new LED lighting in the Gallery, a new covered area housing the Ceramic's program's Kilns, AV upgrades in the choral & band rooms, new welding booth installed in the Sculpture room, a new photography lab, upgraded corridor lighting and new carpet and paint in many offices.

The network infrastructure will be augmented to provide adequate coverage throughout the building. Both the roof and mechanical equipment will be ameliorated to support the building and its improvements in the upcoming years. If the budget allows, improvements to the theatre, such as new rigging, LED lighting and AV equipment will be included in the project.


The purpose of this project is to enrich the classroom learning & teaching experience for the creative arts programs. Select infrastructure upgrades are included to further support the success of building enhancements.


  • Programming/Design: March 2020-July 2020
  • Production Phase: July 2020-May 2021
  • Bidding: January 2022
  • Construction: February 2022-February 2023
  • Completion: February 2023


Under Phased Construction

Contact Information

Project Manager

  Heidi Rank
  (415) 622-6362

Project Assistant

  Kristin Moorhouse
  (650) 703-7364