College of San Mateo Building 9- KCSM Tenant Improvements

Construction Schedule: Complete

Funding Source(s): Measure C general obligation bond funds



Description:The KCSM TV and FM studios have relocated to Building 9.  Currently, some operations are located in Building 34.  This project will allow completion of the consolidation of all KCSM operations into Building 9.   This project will renovate the building in order to support this move.  The renovations include new mechanical systems, interior renovations and a new chiller system.  In addition, a new Emergency Generator is being installed that will enable KCSM to continue broadcasting in case of power loss during times of emergency. Electronic and manual access controls are being added to enhance security. 

Benefits: This project allows consolidation of KCSM activities into one building. Broadcasting operations and business operations will be housed together in Building 9. This consolidation serves the needs of KCSM by having all aspects of the operation in one location.

Status: Complete