College of San Mateo Building 12 Reroofing Project

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Project Manager: Bill Krill
Peter Hempel
Architect/EngineerRob Worthing, Allana Buick and Bears
General Contractor: Western Roofing


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  • Programming/Design:  Aug 2011 – Feb 2013
  • Bidding: Feb – Mar 2013
  • Construction:  May – Jul 2013
  • Completion:  July 2013

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Project Description:

The scope of this project includes the removal and replacement of the roof at Building 12. The roof drains will be upgraded, new hatch and ladder provided and existing abandoned HVAC equipment will be removed.Project Benefits: This project will provide new long lasting roof systems to Building 12 to replace existing roof that is decades old. The new roof will be Architecturally consistent with surrounding buildings and will provide an enhanced aesthetic to the center of campus.


Completed July 2013