College of San Mateo Campus Wide - Utility Infrastructure

Construction Schedule: Completed Winter 2005

Funding Source(s):   Measure C general obligation bond funds




Description: In order to support continued us of existing facilities as well as the new construction planned for College of San Mateo, infrastructure repairs and upgrades are required.  These infrastructure improvements include sanitary sewer, storm drains, power and gas service, clock, fire, data and telephone.  In addition, the campus water system will be upgraded in order to serve fire protection systems of the new buildings and provide greater water pressure to the existing buildings.  The fire and life safety upgrades include upsizing existing the water supply and providing a new fire pump.  Plans to improve existing utilities and provide new utilities will be implemented beginning the summer of 2004.

Benefits: These upgrades will allow College of San Mateo to provide state-of-the art instructional programs, improve the integrity of the campus life safety system and provide a consistent standard of utility services to the occupants and users of the campus facilities.


  • Repair existing sanitary sewer lines at Tennis Courts and Bldg 30A, complete
  • Upgrade water system, storm sewer systems, complete
  • Emergency repairs of existing sanitary sewer lines, complete
  • Upgrade water system, sanitary/storm sewer system, power, data, gas and telephone to serve new buildings, complete
  • Replacement of 4 th Stage Pump, currently out to bid