CSM Softball Field Replacement

The CSM softball field is the last of the District’s athletic fields to be replaced under the Districtwide Athletic Fields Replacement Project. This facility is used by one of the state’s most successful girls’ softball programs and shows its wear. The windscreen and netting was replaced 1 year ago, but the department agreed to extend the use of the existing field for an additional year due to the care and hard work the athletics and facilities staffs have taken to keep the field in good condition. Scope of work includes improvements to the bullpen areas. Contract issued through the CMAS process, giving the District the best value for this work.


This replacement is a part of maintaining a quality facility to attract quality athletes. Sports at the community college level is highly competitive and schools vie for the best players. It also ensures a safe environment for all.



Project Completed

Contact Information

Project Manager

   Johnnie Fudge
   650 378-7341

Project Coordinator

   Pepper Powell
   650 358-6762


   Verde Design


   Field Turf