CSM Water Tank Replacement

The project will replace the existing 500,000 gallon water and fire protection tank that is beginning to show signs of degradation. The new Blue colored, 1.2 million gallon, glass fused to steel tank will be located just below the existing tank. Once the new tank is operational and tested, the old tank will be demolished.


The water tank provides both fire and domestic water service to the campus. The existing tank has been in continuous use since the original construction of the campus and over time, the inner lining of the tank has begun to show signs of degradation. In advance of a complete tank failure the campus is proactively installing a water tank.


Construction start: 2021
Dirt and pad construction: November 2021-February 2022
Erecting of the new tank: March 2022
Fill and test of the new tank: March 2022
Demolition of the existing tank: May 2022
Construction completion: July 2022

Contact Information

Project Manager

  Pam Welty
  (415) 987-4346