CSM Building 3 Theatre Modernization

New seating, carpeting and roofing was installed in the initial phase of this project. The subsequent project replaces stage draperies, cyclorama, fire curtain, project and screen, lighting with new LED fixtures, control console and rigging with a simplified electronic system. Additional speakers will be installed as well as electrical and network upgrade to provide increased capacity and better internet access in this concrete building.


New seating and carpeting was recently installed to provide wider and safer access down to the lower seating area. The renovation will make the theater more attractive and easier to operate for faculty and renters for small events and performances.


  • Bids due/ Award: June 2020
  • Construction: July 2020-December 2020
  • Completion: December 2020

Contact Information

Director of Construction Management - Swinerton

  Jack Herbert
  (650) 378-7270


  TLCD Architecture, Santa Rosa, CA


  General Contractor