Cañada College Building 5/6/8/&22 Chilled Water Lines Extension

CAN Buildings 5/6/8 & 22 Chilled Water Lines Extension

Contact Information:

Project Manager: 
Alex Acenas
Telephone: 650 222-4951

Project Coordinator
Jennifer James
Telephone: (650)222-4711

Project Coordinator:  
Pepper Powell
Telephone: (650) 222-5816

Architect / Engineer

General Contractor
Big-D Pacific Builders

Chiller Pipes


  • Design: May – August 2007
  • Bid and Award: September – October 2007
  • Construction: November 2007 – January 2008
  • Completion: February 2008


Cañada College basks in a very warm climate for much of the year. But many of the buildings have outdated mechanical systems and do not have any air conditioning systems in place. As part of Phase 2 of the Capital Improvement Program, Buildings 5/6 and 8 are slated for modernizations. An important aspect of this work will be to provide air conditioning to these buildings. To accomplish this, chilled water supply and return lines must be brought to these areas.

This project will involve the installation of over 400 lineal feet of insulated pipe from the north end of Building 13 to Buildings 5/6 and 8. It will entail some trenching and excavation along the extension and some backfilling and paving to restore affected areas.

It is anticipated that most of the disruptive work will take place during the winter break period – mid-December to late January. This project will provide the infrastructure to connect Buildings 5/6 and 8 to the central chilled water system that was installed in the campus in 2004 and set the stage for the upcoming building renovations.


Upgrading the existing building systems on the Cañada College campus will greatly improve the working, teaching and learning environment. Cañada, which is the southern-most college in the District, is blessed with a warm and sunny climate. However, the outdated mechanical systems in Buildings 5/6 and 8 are unable to sustain a comfortable indoor environment. Extending the chilled water lines to these buildings will allow energy-efficient air-conditioning systems to be installed as part of the upcoming renovation projects.