Cañada College Quad Concession Stand

Contact Information:

Project Manager:
Alex Acenas
Telephone: 650-738-7064

Project Coordinator:
Jennifer James
Telephone: 650-738-7065

Construction Manager:
Swinerton Management
Sajid Sulaiman
Telephone: 650-306-3138

Structural Engineer/Architect:
Crosby Group

General Contractor:
Coastside Associates


  • Programming and Desing Phase: May 2007 - August 2007
  • Construction Phase:
    • Foundation & Slab - August 2007
    • Concession Stand - April - June 2008

Funding Source (s):  Measure A general obligation bond funds

Canada Quad Concession

This project will provide an outlet for coffee, tea, juices, prepackaged snacks and meals in the upper quad area

This concession stand will allow students, faculty and staff to take full advantage of the park-like environment that has been created by the completion of the new Library and Student Resource Center and the central quad renovation. In the summer months, the campus community will be able to enjoy a cool drink and other refreshments. During the rainy winter months, a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate will make the dash between classes a little easier

Completed August 2008