Districtwide Utility Measurement and Verification Project




Contact   Information:

District Energy   Management Coordinator
Joe Fullerton
  Telephone: 650-358-6848
  E-Mail: fullertonj@smccd.edu

Construction   Project Manager
  Peter Hempel
  Telephone: 650-378-7336
  E-Mail: hempelp@smccd.edu

Architect /   Engineer
  GRD Energy, Gustav Deuss

General Contractor
Schneider Electric, Inc.



  • Project Complete December 2017


The Districtwide Utility Measurement and Verification   Project is a Design-Build Project that will provide for the design and   construction of an energy measurement and verification and management system   to be implemented at Cañada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline   College.  The project is a significant   step toward measuring and managing how buildings operate throughout the   District. This project will provide key upgrades to existing systems and add   necessary infrastructure and software systems to monitor, trend, analyze and   control utility use across the District. The project upgrades the District’s   existing building management system, creates a robust energy information   system, and builds on a legacy of innovation by providing advanced analytical   functions.

An essential element of this project is to replace the   existing Building Management System (BMS) main controllers and software   system.  Installed over ten years ago   the existing BMS has outlived its useful life. In fact, many of the system   components are no longer supported by their original manufacturer. All of the   existing BMS controllers will be replaced with new controllers. By utilizing   this modern hardware and innovative BMS software, system level information   (i.e. lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning) will feed   directly into the energy information system while enabling facilities staff   to monitor and control system functionality.

The existing Energy Information System (EIS) hardware   across the District will also be replaced and enhanced with new hardware and   a new EIS software platform that integrates with the BMS system. New utility   meters will be added to almost all buildings across the District to monitor   utility usage by each building, to include electrical, gas, heating and   cooling water as well as domestic water. A new energy usage electronic   “Dashboard” will be provided to track and display the Energy Information   System data. The Dashboard will be accessible via the web and can be custom   tailored for several user groups. This will enable the District to provide   the energy usage information of the different buildings and campuses across   the District – essentially bringing SMCCCD buildings to life as learning   laboratories themselves. The Dashboard will be utilized by the Facilities   Department to track energy usage and building performance, and can also be   used by students, faculty, staff and the public to learn about the energy   usage conservation efforts across the District.

Additionally  new   Analytics software will be provided that has the ability to store, categorize   and analyze the data from the BMS and EIS system to provide actionable   information to the Facilities Department to optimize performance gaps and   address equipment problems and issues in the future.

Lawrence Berkeley Labs has estimated installations of metering systems   and monitoring software help organizations generally reduce energy   consumption by 5% - 15%. Staff have implemented similar monitoring based   commissioning efforts and have realized results of 15% - 22%. Using 15% as a   reasonable baseline for estimated reduction, SMCCCD would realize   approximately $130,000 annually in electricity savings alone. Additional   savings in water and gas usage are expected to bring this number closer to   $150,000 resulting in a simple payback of approximately 15 years.

  Project Complete