CSM/Skyline Roof Replacement Project

Project Name:  College of San Mateo and Skyline College   Roof Replacement Project

Contact Information

Project Manager
  Stephen Daniels
  Telephone: 650 378-7343
  E-Mail: danielss@smccd.edu

Project Engineer
  Welianto Liu
  Telephone: 650 378-7346
  E-Mail: liuw@smccd.edu

Architect /   Engineer
  Allana Buick & Bers

Rob Worthing

General Contractor
Western Roofing Service



  • Programming/Design: November,2014 – March, 2015
  • Production Phase: Feb / Mar 2015
  • Bidding: March / April  2015
  • Construction: June - August 2015
  • Completion: August 14, 2015


San Mateo County Community College District has undergone   significant improvements over the past fifteen years with the addition of new   buildings and several modernizations to existing buildings on all three   campuses.  An area that needs attention   is the exterior of the original structures, specifically the roofs. This   project will provide replacement of three roofs at CSM – Buildings 1, 14, and   16 - and Building 14 at Skyline College.

These features have served their useful lives but are now   in a degraded condition that will continue to cause leaks to the interior   spaces and break down the structure if left unattended. The buildings   involved in this scope are two classroom buildings, a student / community   services facility, all at CSM, and the Child Care Center at Skyline.



 The hope is to get   the work completed during the less-hectic summer session, completing all four   buildings when school resumes for the Fall semester, extending the useful of   life of these resources for many more years to come.