2021 Contractor Prequalification & Requalification

The 2021 Prequalification Application cycle is closed.  Information for the 2022 Contractor Prequalification & Requalification will be available in September 2021. 


Welcome to the Contractor Prequalification page at the San Mateo County Community College District’s Facilities website.  The San Mateo County Community College District uses a pre-qualification process to ensure the contractors bidding and performing work on District projects are able to produce the highest quality facilities. All general and prime contractors must be pre-qualified to bid. The District will not accept bids from Contractors that are not pre-qualified.

Pursuant to sections 20111.5, 22032 and 22034 of the Public Contract Code, the San Mateo County Community College District may annually prequalify contractors to work on public works projects. San Mateo County Community College District requires its contractors to meet criteria such as:

  • Construction Experience
  • Contractor's License
  • Work History
  • Litigation and Arbitration History
  • Disqualification from Previous Projects
  • Compliance with Statutory Requirements and Safety
  • Prevailing Wage Requirements
  • Project Personnel
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Bonding Information
  • Financial Information


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which contractors must be prequalified?

A: Contractors of all license types, who want to enter into prime construction contracts with the District must be prequalified. Subcontractors are not normally required to be prequalified. However, the District may elect to prequalify subcontractors for a specific project, which will be made known at the time the project is bid. Construction contractor prequalification is not required for project specific prequalification.


Q: How long is the prequalification period?

A: Prequalification is valid through the calendar year i.e. January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021.


If you have any questions about the 2022 prequalification cycle, please send an email to plan@smccd.edu.