Custodial Program

What do custodians do?

Custodial staff clean over 2,017 distinct spaces every day, including classrooms, offices, restrooms, laboratories, stairways, corridors, closets, gymnasiam, locker rooms, and lobbies.

In addition, Custodians also:

  • Assist in emergency response (power outages, floods, etc.)
  • Move furniture and equipment
  • Set up facilities for non-classroom activities that are a part of and enrich the college experience for our students, including student activities, board meetings, health and career fairs, Expanding Your Horizons, Jazz on the Hill, the Olive Festival, and KinderCaminata.
  • Set up and provide support for outside organizations who rent our facilities
  • Act as campus "ambassadors", pointing lost students and teachers in the direction of their classrooms during those first weeks of every semester.

Generic job descriptions for classifications in the Custodial family:

Custodial Standards of Care & Maintenance (Custodial Program Review)

Beginning in February 2002 and continuing through Spring 2004, we performed program reviews of our Custodial operations. This program review allows us to develop best business practices, to qualify and quantify what we do, and to do more with less by working smarter - not harder.

Listed below is the Custodial Program Review process and analysis documents that have been developed to date.