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Painting Unit Price Contract How to

How to Qualify to Bid on the Painting Unit Price Contract

Welcome to the Painting Unit Price Contract (UPC) Application How-To page at the San Mateo County Community College District’s Facilities website. In order to bid on the District Wide Interior and Exterior Painting Unit Price Contract, potential bidders must first go through a bid specific qualification process. The District designed this website and the online qualification application to make this qualification process easier for painting contractors to complete. In addition to making this application online and simpler, the District has a database, which holds the application information for any future District qualification..

Contractors who qualified in 2010 will need to answer the Painting UPC Qualification Supplemental Questions rather than complete an entirely new application.  All others must complete the entire application. Click Here for a list of currently prequalified contractors.

Qualification Application Access: To gain access to the District’s online application, a user name and password is required.  All users must request a new userid and password for this qualification as the current userids and passwords have changed. Contractors must request access to the application by sending an e-mail with “Painting UPC Qualification” in the subject line to the District’s Construction Planning Department at  After receiving the request, an email will be forwarded to the contractor with the user name and password provided.

This link will take you to our online application.   Contractors will complete the application at their convenience and submit that application digitally to the District for scoring and recommendation on or before 2PM on Tueday, May 25, 2010.

The District intends to notify potential bidders on June 10, 2010 as to the status of their qualification application.

Click Here   for more information including Qualification Timeline