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Sustainable San Mateo County Award

The San Mateo County College District plays an integral role in building a sustainable future for San Mateo County. In October-November 2006, Sustainable San Mateo Count (SSMC) asked the San Mateo County Community College District to describe our progress in moving toward sustainability. SSMC specifically requested we describe our actions on three key issues: carbon emissions (which are a contributor to climate change), housing, and water. SSMC believes these three issues represent major challenges to future sustainability and was interested to learn of local efforts to address them through specific policies and programs. SSMC was also interested in local governmental efforts to educate citizens on these issues as well as in the challenges the cities and the county have encountered as they try to build more sustainable communities.

SMCCCD enacted policies and instituted programs in other areas to make our campuses more sustainable as well. SSMC encouraged us to highlight these other actions.

SSMC is a independent, non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to educating the community about sustainability.

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