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Office: Building 5, Room 5100
Office hours: Click to see Door Card.
Phone: (650) 378-7301x19380
Fax: 650.738.4373
E-mail: perezf@smccd.edu
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.I like being an educator and I like working with students. I have been in education for more than 36years. I work as the Tutorial Program Coordinator in the Learning Center of Skyline College. I have worked with students in elementary, high school and college level. I have worked with a diversity of students and I am fluent in Spanish. I have worked with Bilingual education programs and High School Success Programs such as Extending Opportunities for College Programs(EOC) for Junior High School students, Science Technologhy Enrichment Program(STEP) and JumpStart for High School students. 

In addition, my wife and I work with the Marriage Preparation Program for the Archdiocese of San Francisco at St. Bruno's Parish in San Bruno. Although I have visited many places, one of my favorite is El Grullo, Mexico (Check out Dia de los Muertos (El Grullo) .

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