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Cañada College Business Opportunities Archive

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2011 Contractor Prequalification
Districtwide Interior and Exterior Painting Unit Price Contract
Building 5/6 Modernization Project
Building 5/6 Modernization Project
2010 Contractor Prequalification
Campus Tree-Trimming Project
Districtwide Hazardous Materials Abatement Unit Price Contract
Districtwide Hazardous Materials Abatement Unit Price Contract
2009 Contractor Prequalification
Building 8 Renovations Phase 2
CIP1 ACAMS Add-On Project
Concession Stand
Cañada College Gateways/Circulation/Parking Project
Concession Stand
New Facilities Maintenance Center
2008 Contractor Prequalification
Cañada College Buildings 5/6/8 & 22 Chilled Water Lines Extension
Cañada College Building 16 + 18 Renovation (Bid #86558)
Cañada College FMC Site Utility Improvement Project (Bid #86552)
Cañada College North Quad Water Feature Renovation Project (Project #362)
Buildings 16/18 Modernization (Bid #86541)
Building 2 Interior Renovation Project (Bid #86545)