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General Electronics (AS) at College of San Mateo for Spring 2011

(DE Component: 3%)*


For Associate Degree Students, in addition to the major course requirements shown below, students planning to earn an associate's degree must take a minimum of units of elective courses and satisfy general education (GE) requirements. For more information, please check the following links and see your counselor. Online IGETC courses | Online CSU/GE courses.

For more details please refer the college catalog by clicking here.

  Subject Course # Title Units
  BUSW 114 Windows Fundamentals I 1.5
Online course BUSW 530 Introduction to Internet 1.5
  ELEC 201 D.C. Electronics 3
  ELEC 202 A. C. Electronics 3
  ELEC 215 Intro PC Hardware/Trouble 3
  ELEC 231 Basic Applied Electronics Math 2
  ELEC 232 Advanced Electronics Math 1
  ELEC 262 Digital Electronics 4
  ELEC 275 AC Circuits and Devices 4
  ELEC 282 Intro to Soldering and Rework 2
  ELEC 290 Intro to Communications System 3
  ELEC 310 Intro. To Microprocessors 3
  ELEC 320 Linear Circuit Analysis 4
  ELEC 332 Prototype Project Development 2
  ELEC 360 Microcomputer Interfacing 3
  ELEC 370 Nonlinear Circuit Analysis 4

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