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Respiratory Therapy (AS) at Skyline College for Spring 2011


For Associate Degree Students, in addition to the major course requirements shown below, students planning to earn an associate's degree must take a minimum of units of elective courses and satisfy general education (GE) requirements. For more information, please check the following links and see your counselor. Online IGETC courses | Online CSU/GE courses.

For more details please refer the college catalog by clicking here.

  Subject Course # Title Units
  RPTH 400 Patient & Health Care Concerns 2
  RPTH 410 Intro to Patient Care & Respiratory Assessment Techniques 3
  RPTH 420 Application of Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology 3
  RPTH 430 Intro to Respiratory Therapeutics 6
  RPTH 438 Clinical Clerkship I 1
  RPTH 445 Respiratory Diseases I 2
  RPTH 448 Clinical Clerkship II 2
  RPTH 450 Respiratory Diseases II 3
  RPTH 458 Clinical Clerkship III 6
  RPTH 460 Respiratory Critical Care 4
  RPTH 475 Hemodynamic Monitoring/Selected Topics in Respiratory Care 2
  RPTH 480 Diagnostic Testing and Outpatient Respiratory Care 2
  RPTH 484 Medical Terminology for Respiratory Therapy 2
  RPTH 485 Clinical Medicine Seminar 2
  RPTH 488 Clinical Clerkship IV 6
  RPTH 490 Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care 1.5
  RPTH 495 Respiratory Care Board Exam Prep/Review 2

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