• Earn college credit while in high school!
  • Save $$$ -- don’t duplicate high school classes in college!
  • Discover “Career Clusters (Industry Sectors) and Pathways”!
  • Explore ”Career Personalities”!
  • Identify and transition to 2-year college career programs!
  • Transfer to 4-year college career programs!
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Welcome Students, Parents, Families,
Instructors, Coordinators and Counselors

Cañada College, College of San Mateo and Skyline College are working together with District high schools, the San Mateo County Office of Education Regional Occupational Program (SMCOE ROP) and Job Train to give students a head start in college technical career programs through a program named Career and Technical Education Transitions (formerly Tech Prep).  CTE Transitions gives high school, SMCOE ROP and Job Train students and their parents/ families a chance to identify technical careers and the pathways of study that will need to be followed to prepare for those careers. 

CTE Transitions students can begin their pathway of study while in high school, SMCOE ROP or Job Train by taking an “articulated” class or classes, that when completed, will give them both normal credit and college credit.  (“Articulated” classes are those that are discussed between all levels of participating faculty and formally “agreed upon” as being comparable to or acceptable in lieu of introductory or specific classes in a college career major.) 

CTE Transitions further benefits students by excusing them from having to pay for the articulated class once they enroll at one of the District colleges--they have already earned those credits! They can begin their college coursework with the next class in the pathway of study for their career major.

The procedure for taking and getting credit for CTE Transitions classes has several parts: 

  • By checking with an instructor or counselor or on the CTE Transitions website, students will be able to determine which high school, ROP or Job Train class is articulated with which college class and enroll in it. 

  • Sometime during the class, students will be asked to apply online to the college with which their class is articulated (See the “Applying” tab on the CTE Transitions website:  http://www.smccd.edu/ctetransitions/apply.php). NOTE:  This does not mean that students will be able to register in other college courses as they will not be given a “registration code”.  It simply means that they will have an account opened in one of the three college databases so that their grades can be entered as soon as their articulated class is complete with a grade of “C” or higher.  Their account will be opened under a Student ID (G#) rather than a social security number and they will be asked to use that G# for any college-related procedures.   

  • Toward the end of the class, instructors will hand out a CTE Transitions Petition for Credit and students will be asked to fill it out (using their G#).  The instructors will collect and forward them through channels to the CTE Transitions Project Coordinator. 

  • Once the petition has been processed, students will be issued certificates from the college.  When students later register for college classes, they will already have credit for the CTE Transitions class and be able to take the next level class along the pathway. NOTE:  If students have not finished high school after the CTE Transitions class, and there are no other articulated classes in the pathway, they have another opportunity to take the next class in the career pathway under a program entitled Concurrent Enrollment where students can be enrolled in both schools at the same time.  (See your college website for this program.)

We hope this letter fully explains the CTE Transitions opportunity and encourages enrollment in the local CTE Transitions programs.  If you have questions or concerns please contact us by using the links under the Contact Us tab on the CTE Transitions website (http://www.smccd.edu/ctetransitions/contact.php).  Thank you and we look forward to your participation. 

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College of San Mateo
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