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CAN - No Power on Campus

​Campus Wide Power Shutdown


June 28th, 2015 - June 28th, 2015


​On Sunday, June 28 electrical power campus-wide will be shut down from approximately 6am to 8pm to allow PG&E to install upgrades on their equipment on Farm Hill Blvd that powers the campus. In conjunction with this power shutdown, IT will keep the main server room running with temp power, but they will be shutting down ITS equipment at each building on campus. This means that computers and phones at each building on campus will not be functioning during the shutdown.

It is a good practice to power off your desktop computers, printers, copiers, and other electronic office equipment when you leave your work areas for the weekend before this shutdown.

For those departments and individuals with frost-forming freezer units and ice-making equipment we request that the units be defrosted and turned off prior to Sunday as the day-long outage will probably cause any ice in these units to melt and create water puddles under them. We recommend emptying out any refrigerator and freezer of perishables that may spoil over the weekend.