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Cañada College Past Construction Notices

May 2017 10

Test Item

From Wed, 10th May 2017 to Thu, 11th May 2017

project descriptionj
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May 2016 23

DW Exterior Lighting Upgrades Project

From Mon, 23rd May 2016 to Fri, 8th Jul 2016

The District is replacing existing exterior lighting throughout the Campus along pedestrian pathways, roadways, and buildings. This new lighting system, integrated with the existing Building Management System (BMS), will enable the District to manage the lighting system in a more efficient manner resulting in energy and operational savings, improved lighting levels, and improved safety and security.


See attached map showing areas and time frames when construction will take place on Campus beginning May 23, 2016, and ending approximately July 8, 2016.


We apologize for this inconvenience, but luck forward to the improvements.

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Mar 2016 28

Canada Parking Lot 8 curb painting

From Mon, 28th Mar 2016 to Tue, 29th Mar 2016

​The scope of this project is to paint the newly installed curbs at the north and east sides of Lot 8 to improve motorists and pedestrian safety


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Mar 2016 25

Canada Hillside of Lot 7 clean up

From Fri, 25th Mar 2016 to Fri, 25th Mar 2016

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Feb 2016 26

Canada Building 17 – Exhaust Fans Replacement

From Fri, 26th Feb 2016 to Wed, 9th Mar 2016

Scope of this project is to install 2 exhaust fans

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Mar 2016 03

Canada Curb installation on the north side of Lot 8

From Thu, 3rd Mar 2016 to Mon, 7th Mar 2016

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Jan 2016 04

District Wide Utility Measurement & Verification Project

From Mon, 4th Jan 2016 to Fri, 15th Jan 2016

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Jan 2016 14

CAN B1 Gymnasium Hazardous Building Materials Survey

From Thu, 14th Jan 2016 to Fri, 15th Jan 2016

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Jan 2016 12

CAN B3 Central Plant Isolation Valves Replacement

From Tue, 12th Jan 2016 to Tue, 12th Jan 2016

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Jan 2016 10

CAN Campus Circle Rd. guardrail repair

From Sun, 10th Jan 2016 to Sun, 10th Jan 2016

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Jan 2016 04
Jan 2016 07

Canada B3 - Repair work in the Central Plant

From Thu, 7th Jan 2016 to Fri, 8th Jan 2016

The pressure regulator on the domestic water system is being replaced. The purpose of this project is to ensure that potable water is delivered at the intended and safe pressure to the point of use.
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Dec 2015 16

Canada Team House assembly

From Wed, 16th Dec 2015 to Wed, 16th Dec 2015

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Aug 2015 17
Jul 2015 23

CAN - ACAMS Software Upgrade

From Thu, 23rd Jul 2015 to Fri, 24th Jul 2015

​Access Control software upgrade and migration to new virtual servers,  upgrade hardware peripherals for alarm notifications.

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Jun 2015 28

CAN - No Power on Campus

From Sun, 28th Jun 2015 to Sun, 28th Jun 2015

​Campus Wide Power Shutdown

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Jun 2015 23

CAN - Eastbound Traffic on Farm Hill Left Turn Prohibited

From Tue, 23rd Jun 2015 to Wed, 24th Jun 2015

​Resurfacing of eastbound traffic lanes on Farm Hill Blvd at the front entrance of the College

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Jun 2015 05

Traffic Disruption

From Fri, 5th Jun 2015 to Fri, 5th Jun 2015

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May 2015 28

Bus Stop Island Closed

From Thu, 28th May 2015 to Thu, 28th May 2015

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May 2015 22

Cañada - Repairs at West Campus Entry

From Fri, 22nd May 2015 to Fri, 22nd May 2015

​Replacement of damaged section of post-and-chain barricade at west campus entry

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May 2015 15

Cañada - One traffic lane closed on Campus Circle

From Fri, 15th May 2015 to Fri, 15th May 2015

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Apr 2015 20

Work near the front entrance of Canada College

From Mon, 20th Apr 2015 to Fri, 15th May 2015

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May 2015 04

Cañada College - Some parking lot spaces blocked

From Mon, 4th May 2015 to Thu, 7th May 2015

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Apr 2015 13

Parking Lot Exterior Fixtures Replacement

From Mon, 13th Apr 2015 to Fri, 17th Apr 2015

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Feb 2015 17

Parking Lot Fixture Replacement

From Tue, 17th Feb 2015 to Fri, 20th Mar 2015

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Feb 2015 23

Electronic Access and Alarms Testing

From Mon, 23rd Feb 2015 to Fri, 6th Mar 2015

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Feb 2015 15

Dimensional Signage on Building 9

From Sun, 15th Feb 2015 to Sun, 15th Feb 2015

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Oct 2013 18

Bus stop area improvements

From Fri, 18th Oct 2013 to Sun, 20th Oct 2013

Roadway improvements at the campus bus stop area Read more