Transcript Evaluation Service

and Degree Works


The San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) provides Cañada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College students who have completed coursework outside of SMCCCD with an official evaluation of how this coursework applies to:

  • Associate degrees and certificates at Cañada College, Skyline College, and College of San Mateo

  • CSU GE Certification for students transferring to a California State University campus

  • IGETC Certification for students transferring to a University of California campus or a California State University campus

Eligible students are encouraged to use TES within the first semester of attendance at any of the SMCCCD campuses. An official transcript evaluation provides the student and counselor with important information on how previously completed lower division degree applicable coursework may be applied to meet SMCCCD educational goals. Transcript evaluations are also used by Admissions and Records Offices to confirm degree or certificate completion or completion of CSU GE or IGETC for certification purposes.

If you have done all your college coursework within the SMCCCD, you do not need to request a transcript evaluation.  Please see Degree Works to view your coursework and see how it can be applied to various educational goals.  


Degree Works is a tool in your student Web SMART account that you can use to monitor your progress toward your educational goals. Through Degree Works, you can view your progress toward a certificate, an associate degree, CSU GE, and/or IGETC completion.

When you request an official transcript evaluation through the SMCCCD Transcript Evaluation Service the results are loaded into your student Degree Works!

You are then able to use Degree Works to see the total picture of how SMCCCD courses and course work completed outside of SMCCCD apply to your educational goals and objectives.

To locate Degree Works, log in to Web SMART, select the STUDENT tab, then select Degree Works.

Through Degree Works, you can view the educational goal you have identified in Web SMART** or you can use the powerful WHAT IF tool to review how coursework completed meets a variety of majors and goals. You can also research which catalog rights can more positively affect your progress. Use the information you find on Degree Works with your college counselor to create a Student Educational Plan.

**When you applied for admissions, you entered a college goal and major on the admissions application. Have your goals changed? If so, go into Web SMART to update educational goals and your college major! This is important!

  • Log into Web SMART
  • Select the STUDENT tab
  • Select the current TERM
  • You are now on the STUDENT INFORMATION page
  • Make sure that questions 1 (educational goal) and 2 (declared major) are accurate
  • Then click UPDATE to save the information

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