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What is SMCCD WebAccess?

WebAccess is our district's branded version of Moodle, an open-source course management system designed to help educators create effective online learning communities using sound teaching principles based on social constructionist pedagogy. To learn more about Moodle and the global Moodle learning community visit http://moodle.org/

How can I use SMCCD WebAccess?

Use SMCCD WebAccess to teach a fully online course or merely supplement a traditional course. WebAccess features may be used alone or together, allowing you to teach using just the technology you feel most comfortable with.

Syllabus / Handouts Class Email List Wikis (collaborative writing)
Web Pages Forums Workshops (peer evaluation)
Resource Links Chat (virtual office hours) Journals (group or individual)
Assignments Blogs Elluminate Live (virtual classroom)
Grades Lessons (learning paths)  
Quizzes Polls (Choice tool)  
Calendar of Events Surveys (Feedback tool)  


WebAccess Tutorials / Help

Faculty Tutorials SMCCD WebAccess QuickStart Guide - Instructors DOC Microsoft Word Document    PDF Acrobat PDF 
Student Tutorials SMCCD WebAccess QuickStart Guide - Students DOC Microsoft Word Document    PDF Acrobat PDF
Help icons  Help Icon in WebAccess with detailed information on features.


AELearn supplies us with faculty / student tech support for WebAccess questions.
Email support is 7 days a week, 5am-9pm PST. Submit a Ticket
Phone support available Monday-Friday, 6am-5pm PST. Call 1 (866) 440 8484


WebAccess Video Podcasts require installed iTunes player (Get it free here--Mac or PC!)
Click on the desired podcast and then click "Get Movie" from the iTunes U video list. The video will download to your iTunes U player where you can click to play it.

SequentialWorkshop Lessons (1-45)
QuickStart Guides
Add'l WA Podcasts/Hdouts

Intro-Setup for WebAccess
1 Intro to WA1
2 Login to WA2
3 Edit Profile3
4 Edit Settings6
5 Blocks7
6 Class Email9
7 Activate Course4

Introduction to WebAccess

Microsoft Word Document   Acrobat PDF

8   Calendar
10 Other Faculty Tutorials


Posting Content
8 Course Info11
9 Titles12
10 File Management13
11 File Types and Names14
12 Link to Web16
13 Link to File17  (post handouts!)
14 Mult-file Upload18
15 Directory19
16 Resources20

Adding Content  

Microsoft Word Document  Acrobat PDF

15 Compose Web Page

3 Gradebook / SLOs --
17 Grade Overview33
18 Grade Prefs35
Grade Offline Activity34
20 Grade Categories36
21 SLOs38


pdf icon New Gradebook v1.95

Acrobat PDF  Two Primary Methods of  
        Grading in WebAccess


4 Setting Assignments and
Posting Grades

22 Assignment Overview31
23 Create Assignments32
24 Print Export37

Setting Assignments and Posting Grades 

Microsoft Word Document   Acrobat PDF


Creating Online Quizzes
25 Quiz Features61
26 Question Categories62
27 Add Question to Category63
28 Create Quiz65
29 Move Questions to Quiz66

Creating Quizzes and
Surveys (aka Feedback)

Microsoft Word Document  Acrobat PDF

64 Batch Import Questions
67 Add Feedback-Surveys
68 Add Feedback Question


Using Forums, Chat, Choice
30 Forums21
31 Fourm Tips22
32 Create Forum23
33 Use Forum24
34 Subscribe to Forum25
35 Chat Tips26
36 Create Chat27
37 Use Chat28
38 Choice Uses29
39 Create Choice30

Using Forums Chat
& Choice

Microsoft Word Document  Acrobat PDF



Using Groups & Wikis
40 Create Groups42
41 Wiki Uses41
42 Create Wiki43
43 How to Wiki44
44 View Wiki Work45

Wikis, Groups, Blogs & Journals 

Microsoft Word Document  Acrobat PDF

46 Blog Features/Uses
47 Add Blog Entry
48 Journal Uses
49 Create Journal
50 View Journals


Backing up Course Content
45 Backup Your Course Content

Backup, Restore, Import.doc Here's full information on how to back up, restore, or import your WebAccess course content, with or without student user data!


  End – Essential WebAccess: Creating an Instructional Website Series

Using the Lesson Tool
51 Lesson Features
52 Lesson Flow Chart
53 Lesson Settings
54 Add Questions
55 Page Options
56 Lesson Sequence

Creating Learning Paths

Microsoft Word Document  Acrobat PDF



Admin Functions (Overview)

Overview of Admin
Block Features 

Summary of the features available in the Administration Block (course settings, adding students, backing up your course, etc.)



Free iTunes player download: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download
iTunes SMCCD access page: http://www.smccd.edu/itunesu



Download and install the latest free iTunes player for Mac or PC to access iTunes U podcasts!

About Moodle
Moodle: A Free, Open Source, Course Management System for Online Learning

Moodle Features Demo

Moodle Manuals

Mat Riordan, "Moodle: An Electronic Classroom", version 1.5.3

treadwell.cce.cornell.edu, Video Tutorials,

College of the Rockies, Help Desk

SFSU’s iLEARN Quick Guides,





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