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Kate Williams Browne

ECE 366 JA (38521)
Practicum in Early Childhood Education


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Course Information
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ECE 366 JA (38521)

Supervised Field Experience

Kate Williams Browne, Program Coordinator

Office: Bldg 8, room 8-303

Selected Wednesdays at 4:00

Office Hrs: M/W  2-4 pm; T/Th 2-5 pm

Bldg/Rm, 8-213

Ph: 650 738-7092

please note: click the link to download Microsoft Word document Course Syllabus

Course Description 
The purpose of the course is to develop [or extend] competence in teaching in early care and education programs.  Students will gain knowledge of the major components in early childhood teaching and practice the skills for that teaching in an approved setting under quality supervision.                       

Spring 2010 download Microsoft Word version of Course Syllabus

Reading text, articles, and handouts
Text: To Teach Well: A Student Teaching Practicum Guide.  Browne & Gordon.  Columbus, OH: Merrill/Pearson


  • Class attendance and participation is critical! Regular, prompt attendance in class is very important for your success in this course.  If you get more than one absence, you must discuss the impact on your grade with the instructor; make-up is made available only by arrangement and with a 2-week deadline.
  • Superviser Evaluation [mid-term & final]                                        30 points
  • Self-Evaluation    [midterm & summary]                                         30 points
  • Instructor Observations                                                                     30 points
  • Project                                    [with class demonstration]               40 points
  • Online Journal/Discussion Board  [prompts & responses]       50 points
  • In-class work                         [activities/participation]                      20 points
  • Completion of Teaching  [96 hours/semester]                             100 points

Fieldwork Guidelines
Practicum students must find placement and begin fieldwork by the third week of the semester.  Students are required to work a minimum of 6 hours per week for a minimum of 2 hours at a time, for a total of 96 contact hours per semester with children.   All students must confirm and/or set up field placement by the second class, returning a confirmation note to the College Instructor.   Fieldwork must be at an approved site.  Approved sites are:  *Mentor programs                      *Head Start[selected]                   *NAEYC-accredited             *PFA-sites                  *CDE/state-funded centers                           *NFCC-accredited family childcare  *NAA-Accredited & School-age[K-3+]
Students must be supervised by a teacher with a Master Teacher [or higher] CA Child Development Permit

Practicum Project
                The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore in depth an area of interest for you and to develop a finished project that will be useful to you in your work as a teacher.  The format that your project takes is up to you.  You may include handouts, lists, and other resources in your bibliography from this class and other sources.  It is important that you choose what is meaningful for you.
                At the same time, the project needs to be of sufficient scope and depth that it reflects effort and learning on your part.  The due date for the project idea and its demonstration is the last class session; 5 points will be deducted for a late project.  Be ready to demonstrate your project at the last class.

Forum: Online Discussion Board
Each week, you will respond to my prompt and respond thoughtfully to one of your classmates’ postings. You may include, in addition, any issues that came up during your teaching.  It can be your reactions to what happens in your program, children’s behavior, curriculum matters, parent or teacher interactions… anything that you think is important and that affects you as a growing teacher.   
To get started, you need to go to You will be using your “” email account; If you do not have access to email at home there are computers in the Learning Center and Library that all have the net connection.  Log into the course, complete the WebAccess tutorial, and you will be ready to participate in the Forum and start the first assignment. You will be receiving weekly prompts, and will need to respond to it and your classmates’ ideas by specific deadlines. 

Final Grades

  • Will be available by Monday, June 8..