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  Timeline of Events
    Spring 2003 BQO members tutor/mentor middle school students in Biology at the Ortega Middle School, every Wednesday (SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE, LEADERSHIP)

We accepted the Pinnacle Challenge from Headquarters. Chapters that increase membership by 10% receive:
• The Pinnacle Scholarship Award Certificate for Chapters, to be presented at their Regional Convention. A $100 Pinnacle Scholarship Award, to be presented according to guidelines established by the chapter
.Our goal is 101 new members.

    Fall 2002 BQO members tutor/mentor at Gateway High School. (SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE, LEADERSHIP)
    Fall BQO members plan Expanding Your Horizons. (SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, SERVICE)
    February 1 EYH'02 mailing (SERVICE)
    February 1 Invitations to FQK sent to eligible Skyline student. (SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    February 2 BQO advisor presents "Emerging Infectious Diseases" at Faculty Scholars Conference on the Honors Study Topic, in Jackson MS (SCHOLARSHIP)
    February 12 Assisted ASSC staffing booths for Mardi Gras. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    February 28 Assisted BSA with their BBQ. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    March 6 Orientation for new members (FELLOWSHIP)
    March 16 BQO members present hands-on workshops for 6th - 12th grade girls at Expanding Your Horizons. (SERVICE, SCHOLARSHIP)
    April 2-6

BQO members attend International Convention, Nashville TN (LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)

    April 12 Induction ceremony with BZN (FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP)
    April 17 Club Rush (FELLOWSHIP)
    April 20-21 BQO members helped at the annual Earth Day at San Bruno Mountain (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    April 22-26 Homeless Awareness Week at Skyline (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    May 3-5 BQO members attend Regional Convention (FELLOWSHIP)
    May 15 Officers changeover meeting (FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP)
    May 28 Graduation (FELLOWSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP). BQO member Edward Cruz gave the graduation address.
    June 4-7 Project Graduation for Gateway High School. (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    June 15 Sweeney Ridge Walk-A-Thon (for Pacifica Land Trust) (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    June 24-30 International Honors Institute, Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina (SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    July 13 Bike for Breath (Amer. Lung Assoc.)(FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    July 20 Relay for Life, Cancer walk (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    June 21 AIDS walk, Golden Gate Park (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    July 26-28 Hosted Regional Honors Institute (SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    August 9-18 San Mateo County Fair, entered BQO yearbook (LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    Sept-Dec BQO sponsors Health Essay contest for Skyline (LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP)
    September 5 BQO members start planning EYH '03 (LEADERSHIP, SERVICE, SCHOLARSHIP)
    September 5 Skyline Club & Program Fair (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    September 9 Day and evening orientations for new and prospective members (LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    September 11 BQO members were hosts for the 9/11 Memory Wall; BQO made a crane mobile for the 9/11 Memory Wall at Skyline. (FELLOWSHIP)
    September 13 Tracking marine mammals, seminar. (SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    September BQO members present research at SACNAS. (SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP)
    October 7-18 Sold ghost pins to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    October 18 BQO hosted Health Seminar: Genetic Counseling. (SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    October 18-20 BQO attended Regional Leadership Conference, San Diego (LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    October 16-26 BQO ghost sale, fund-raising for the American Cancer Society. (SERVICE, LEADERSHIP)
    October 25 BQO panel discussion at high school counselors breakfast. (LEADERSHIP, SERVICE)
    October 27 Breast Cancer walk, Golden Gate Park. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    October 29 Honors Transfer Program reception (LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    October 31 Preschool Halloween party, Skyline Childcare Center (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    November 8 BQO hosted Health Seminar with the American Cancer Society. (SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    November 15 Fall Induction marking Beta Theta Omicron's 4th year. Joint ceremony with Beta Zeta Nu. (FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP, SERVICE)
    November 30 KQED auction. BQO staffed phones for KQED telethon; to raise money for the public television station. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    December 2 Buy present for EOPS child. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    December 6 Passing of the torch. (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    December 17 EYH'03 mail preliminary flyer (SERVICE)
    January 10, 2003 EYH'03 mail program/reg form (SERVICE)
    January 18 BQO participates in beach habitat restoration. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    January 24 Seminar. BQO members present their research. (SCHOLARSHIP)
    January 31 Invitations to FQK sent to eligible Skyline student. (SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    February 21 BQO hosts Regional Fellowship dance for Northwest district. A charity event for the American Cancer Society. (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    March 15 BQO members present hands-on workshops for 6th - 12th grade girls at Expanding Your Horizons. (SERVICE, SCHOLARSHIP)


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