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  Timeline of Events


    Spring 2001 BQO members tutor/mentored at-risk middle school students in science at the 49er Academy (SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE, LEADERSHIP)
    Fall 2001 BQO members tutor/mentor middle school students in Biology at the Ortega Middle School (SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE, LEADERSHIP)
    Pinnacle Challenge

We accepted the Pinnacle Challenge from Headquarters. Chapters that increase membership by 10% receive:
• The Pinnacle Scholarship Award Certificate for Chapters, to be presented at their Regional Convention. A $100 Pinnacle Scholarship Award, to be presented according to guidelines established by the chapter.

Our goal was 120 new members; we inducted 91 members.

    Feb. 17, 2001 BQO packs food at the S.F. Food Pantry (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    Mar. 3 , 2001 BQO packs food at the S.F. Food Pantry (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    Mar. 17 , 2001 BQO members present hands-on workshops for 6th - 12th grade girls at Expanding Your Horizons. (SERVICE, SCHOLARSHIP)
    Apr. 17 , 2001 Induction ceremony (FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP)
    Apr. 21 , 2001 BQO packs food at the S.F. Food Pantry (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    Apr. 23-27 , 2001

BQO helps ASSC hold their elections. (FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE, LEADERSHIP)

    Apr. 25 , 2001 BQO participates in club rush. (FELLOWSHIP)
    Apr. 27-29 , 2001 BQO attends regional convention at Palomar College. (FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP)
    Apr. 27 , 2001 Seminar: Baha'i and the Global Community with the Philosophy Club. (SCHOLARSHIP)
    May 2, 2001 Cinco de Mayo, with Puente Club.(SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    May 7, 2001 Townhall meeting: The Skyline community will discuss "Technology in the Classroom". All four student speakers are BQO members. (SCHOLARSHIP)
    May 7, 2001 College Honors Celebration (FELLOWSHIP)
    May 11, 2001 BQO Volunteer Recognition (FELLOWSHIP)
    May 16, 2001 Seminar: Race and Community in America. (SCHOLARSHIP)
    May 23, 2001 High School Honors Night. (LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    May 25, 2001 Skyline College Commencement. Student speakers, Maryann Andres and Gracie Hough, are BQO members. (SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP)
    June 16 , 2001 Sweeney Ridge walk for Friends of Sweeney Ridge to raise money to purchase more land for the Golden Gate Recreaction Area (adjacent to Skyline). (SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    July 11 , 2001 Bowling with Pat Carter. (FELLOWSHIP)
    July 14, 2001 Bike for Breath. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    July 15 , 2001 AIDSWalk. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    May-July, 2001 Sponsored an online Flag Challenge for Regional members (SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    July 27-29, 2001 Cohosted the Nevada/California Regional Honors Institute (SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE)
    July 27-29, 2001 Produced a Regional Quilt (SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP)
    July 2001 Crane Project (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP)
    August 11-12, 2001 Attended San Mateo County Fair "Fun in Any Language" (SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    August 14, 2001 Participated in FQK International electronic meeting. (LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    August 16, 2001 International food dinner (FELLOWSHIP)
    August 31, 2001 Invitations sent to eligible students (LEADERSHIP)
    September 12-13, 2001 Orientations for eligible students (LEADERSHIP)
    September 20, 2001 Set up donations table on campus to raise money for the American Red Cross (LEADERSHIP, SERVICE)
    September 28, 2001 Seminar. IMAGES OF FILIPINOS & WORLD MUSIC. Prof. Helen Toribio, SFSU Ethnic Studies. Musical performance by Joey Ayala, internationally acclaimed world musician. (SCHOLARSHIP)
    October 8, 2001 Safety training for upcoming forum on the World Trade Center & Pentagon attacks.(SERVICE)
    October 13, 2001 Restoration of San Bruno Mountain. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    October 19-21, 2001 Regional Leadership Conference, Napa Valley College. (LEADERSHIP)
    October 22-26, 2001 Cultural Celebration & International Food Week & Cookbook publication
    October 23, 2001 BQO participates in Islam Forum (SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE)
    October 23-25, 2001 Martial Arts Demonstrations (SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    October 27, 2001 Haunted House for kids. (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    November 2, 2001 Induction Ceremony with Beta Zeta Nu (FELLOWSHIP)
    November 14, 2001 Club Rush, booth (FELLOWSHIP)
    November 2001 Gathered signatures for Regional Scholarship Inititative (LEADERSHIP, SERVICE)
    December 2001 EOPS/CalWORKS presents for kids (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    January 10 , 2002 Mailed 20,000 Expanding Your Horizons programs to schools and individuals (SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP)
    March 16, 2002 BQO members present hands-on workshops for 6th - 12th grade girls at Expanding Your Horizons. (SERVICE, SCHOLARSHIP)
    April 2-6, 2002 BQO attended the International Convention in Nashville (LEADERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP)
    April 12, 2002 Induction Ceremony with Beta Zeta Nu (FELLOWSHIP)


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