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Procedures for Faculty/Staff Responding to Initial Allegations of Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence

General Information:

All college employees have a responsibility to help prevent sexual misconduct and sexual violence from occurring. You are not responsible for conducting investigations, but you may need to assist students in getting appropriate help.

If a student approaches you with information about alleged sexual misconduct/sexual violence, you need to first:

  1. Be empathetic to the student’s situation and ensure the student that the college will provide assistance. If the student is in immediate danger or has been injured, you should immediately call Public Safety and Health Services.
  2. Inform the student before they disclose information that there are limits to confidentiality and as an employee you have reporting responsibilities to appropriate college officials (Title IX Coordinators). The Title IX Coordinator will provide the student with further information about the limits of confidentiality, the college’s investigation process, and the student’s ability to file complaints with local law enforcement.
  3. Sumbit the "Obtain Information from the student" form.