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Being an Active Bystander

Bystander Tips

The District encourages all members of the District Community to be Active Bystanders against sexual violence. The following information is based on Bystander Intervention research being done at the University of New Hampshire and the guidelines developed by UNH

Learn to recognize the signs of danger and develop plans to keep each other safe. Commit to being an Active Bystander.

Some simple steps to becoming an Active Bystander:

  • Notice the situation. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Interpret it as a problem. Do I recognize that someone needs help?
  • Feel responsible to act. See yourself as being part of the solution to help.
  • Know what to do. Educate yourself on what to do.
  • Intervene safely. Take action but be sure to keep yourself safe.

How to Intervene Safely

  • Tell another person. Being with others is a good idea when a situation looks dangerous.
  • Ask a person you are worried about if he/she is okay. Provide options and a listening ear.
  • Distract or redirect individuals in unsafe situations.
  • Ask the person if he/she wants assistance. Make sure that he/she gets home safely.
  • Call the police (911) or someone else in authority or yell for help.