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History of Sustainability at SMCCCDAbout Sustainability at SMCCCD

SMCCCD relies on students, staff, faculty, and the entire San Mateo County Community to continuously improve and hone best practices in education, management and administration. With leadership at the District level each campus is supported and encouraged to lead campus sustainability projects.

The Facilities, Planning, Maintenance and Operations has been leading sustainability efforts within the District for over a decade. With myriad energy, water, waste and other policies in place the District is a National leader in institutional sustainability.

SMCCCD works hard to achieve sustainability by being responsible stewards of the environment, social fabric and economy. Each project and program undertaken by the Facilities team is centered around meeting and exceeding environmental regulations, working to maintain and improve accessibility to high quality education, and responsibly shedding operational costs through efficiency wherever possible.

In 2013 SMCCCD began to formalize its sustainability efforts in earnest through The District Sustainability Initiative. The District Sustainability Initiative (DSI) includes a suite of programs and plans that help measure sustainability progress over time. The Mission, Vision and Values of the DSI are as follows: 

Mission: Provide interactive, innovative, and sustainable learning environments

Vision: Be a model of future sustainability in the present


    1. Prioritize learning opportunities in everything we do
    2. Continuous environmental, economic, and social improvement through accessible education
    3. Openly share challenges and successes
    4. Never rest in complacency