January 3, 2007





This document contains requirements that clarify or supersede portions of the Pre-qualification Application.




In response to questions from interested contractors the following clarifications are being issued:


  1. Scoring Matrix

Question: Is there a key as to what the questions will be for the scoring matrix? If so, can you send a copy or post it? Only the scoring matrix is posted currently, with reference to the questions A-1, A-2, etc.


Answer: The questions upon which Design-Build Entities (DBEs) will be evaluated are presented in the Pre-Qualification Application for Design-Build Entities.  The question numbers in the Application match those within the Scoring Matrix.


  1. Special Inspections

Question:  My firm is interested in participating in the upcoming SMCCC design build projects; however, we would like clarification regarding materials testing and inspection. Will this be part of the DBE projects/team or will there be a separate RFP, which we will need to bid separately?


Answer:  The District will employ Specialty Testing and Inspection firms directly and this is not part of the DBE’s Scope of Work.  The pre-qualification process for these services was conducted in 2006 and is done on an annual basis.


  1. Design-Build Subcontractors

Question:  Are we allowed to change to Design Build MEP subs after Step 2 (Interviews) if we do not list any in Step 1 (Application)? 


Answer:  All Design-Build subcontractors (including mechanical and electrical) must be pre-qualified to be a part of the DBE’s team.  As such, the DBE is precluded from using a DB subcontractor that is not pre-qualified.  DBEs may list more than one subcontractor per discipline.


Question:  Please clarify how scoring will work as each team may have a different number of consultants/subs listed in the Application.  Will it be an average or another method of scoring?


Answer:  If DBEs submit information on multiple subcontractors per discipline, the subcontractor with the lowest score will apply to the overall rating for that DBE.  If DBEs submit pre-qualification information on Design-Build subcontractors for disciplines other than electrical and mechanical, that information will be scored against the criteria for electrical and mechanical subcontractors.  A DBEs overall score will be a percentage as determined by:


(Total Number of Points for DBE) divided by (Total Possible Number of Points based on the number of Subcontractor Disciplines submitted) = % Score 




End of Addendum 2