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Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
CIP1 model:
Hired out PM and CM functions
Internal staff worked on CIP1 but were paid out of Gen’l Fun
Alternate model:
Outsourced construction management
Internal planning and program management
Allocate bond resources to support existing staff (~$2M/yr)
Allow us to hire additional support staff
SMCCCD’s Resource Allocation Model
effective FY0607
additional custodial staff  (maintaining custodial staffing level status quo)
Up to 5 add’l custodians, depending on negotiated service model shift changes
No add’l maintenance engineers
Facilities & Technology Standards
Evolving standards
Technology standards constantly evolving (Frank V to elucidate)
FPO standards evolving (e.g. flooring, roofing membranes)
Based on life cycle cost of ownership
Hard costs:  first cost, durability, maintainability, operability, end of service life removal cost
energy efficiency
CSM36 42% more efficient than required by T24
Can9 30% > T24
Sky6 28% > T24
Irrigation savings from synthetic fields
CSM football and baseball:  3000 ccf/mo, ~$6600/mo
Can soccer and baseball:  1640 ccf/mo, ~$12,600/mo
Sky baseball, soccerx2:  3150 ccf/mo, ~$9450/mo
Annual irrigation estimated savings:  ~$240,000/year
Cut & fill management
used fill removed from fields to raise parking lot
created additional parking spaces
solved accessibility issues
avoided cost of offhauling dirt
standardized materials:
products selected for manufacturer’s value added services, durability, maintainability, environmental criteria (low VOCs, recyclability, recycled materials)
each College has its unique palette of colors, to create design continuity and identity, allow for appropriate attic stock requirements
window treatments:  by carefully selecting fabric and weave density, appropriate for smart classrooms
ceiling tile and acoustic treatments:  to achieve NC ratings for classrooms
furniture:  15 year on site parts & labor warranty; scholarships; rebates
paint:  ubiquitous, v. gd quality, no “windshield time” for maintenance stock replenishment
20 year roof warranties
standardized materials for ease of maintenance:  ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles, lighting
electronic access controls:  eliminate daily unlock/lock at 70 buildings while providing enhanced safety and security
BMS:  improved energy efficiency, improved IEQ
Flooring:  carpeting and resilient flooring
Soft costs:  improved learning and working environments, improved aesthetics/mature appearance
E.g. resilient flooring with improved acoustics and fatigue control