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Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
Example of CSM, part of 1st floor of B1
Each space is a line item,
•CAN 500 spaces
•CSM 870 spaces
•SKY  647
•Total # of spaces DW 2017
12/7/04 custodial staffing level:
•Canada 9
•CSM 15
•Skyline 11
•DW 35
A Non-Cleaning Analysis qualifies and quantifies the different work assignments, unrelated to cleaning, that are expected of custodial staff.
•Cleaning related
•Daily debriefs, sign-in, collect info from mailbox
•Walk or drive to assigned areas
•Restock custodial supplies in warehouse or closet
•Closet maintenance
•Refueling vehicles
•Staff meetings, safety and technical training sessions
•Assisting in emergency response (power outages, floods, etc.)
•Moving furniture
•Setting up rooms for events
•Non-cleaning, non-custodial
•Escort service
•Raising & lowering flag
•Locking/unlocking doors
•Assist with Receiving
A Leave Analysis qualifies and quantifies the contractually allowed reasons that staff are unavailable for work on a given day
•sick leave, extended sick leave
•industrial illness or injury
•release time for collective bargaining activities
•Leave without pay
It is often only when these various tasks are quantified that an institution realizes how much custodial time is not spent on cleaning.
1. Organizational hierarchy
•Custodial Classifications
•Generic Job Descriptions
•Bay 10 Community College Salary Survey
2. Create assignments 
•Routine assignments (at least 1x/week)
•Project assignments (at least 1x/year)
•Times of service  CAMPUS INPUT
•Staffing levels
3. Inventory management
•Standardize cleaning agents
•Selection based on safety and effectiveness
•Procurement strategies
4. Equipment management
•Incorporate modern techniques and equipment
•Ensure equipment is available to staff
•Ensure equipment is in working order
5. Closet Design & Maintenance
•including carts (an extension of the closet)
•Ergonomic and efficient design
•Inventory management processes
6. Supervision & Quality Control
•Supervisor as a resource, coach, mentor
•Monthly quality control inspections using standard benchmarks
7. Training
•Permanent & Temporary staff
8. Hiring & Orientation
•Standard hiring practices
•Orienting the new employee to maximize success and ease the transition
•Communicating expectations
9. Standard Operating Procedures
•A desk reference
•Consistent service levels District wide
10. Specifications for Construction Standards
•Specify architectural and furniture finishes that are durable and maintainable
•Ensure adequate custodial support facilities are designed into space program
NC&L Analysis:
•2002 – 69%
•2004 – 47%
•How reduced?
•FSTF for IAs
•Improved supervision, HR support for LWOPs
•Illuminated flags
•College Events support on OT
•Fewer but more potent training sessions, meetings
Those systems include: 
•Building Envelope (roofing and exterior wall systems)
•Interior Walls/Floors/Ceilings
•Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning
•Life Safety
•Access Controls
•Energy Management
•Vertical Transportation
•Roadways/Parking Lots
•3,108,400 square feet of roadway, with associated striping and pavement markings
•5.75 miles of concrete curb
•2,263,800 square feet of parking lots
•7,546 parking spaces, with associated wheel stops, striping and pavement markings
•48 miles of underground pipeline (for electrical, communications, sanitary and storm drain, water supply, gas, irrigation)
•over 1000 exterior light fixtures
Vehicles and equipment include:
•74 vehicles
•25 driving lawnmowers, tractors, backhoes, frontloaders, topdressers, aerators, street sweepers, forklifts
•34 pushmowers, edgecutters, hedgetrimmers, chainsaws, whackers,
•41 power tools, including saws, drills, underground conduit locators, pipe threaders,
What is problematic with (e) program???
Generalist knowledge is good to see big picture
•Example:  door won’t close or door slams shut / Door closer adjustment or HVAC balance adjustment?
No specialized expertise; Specialized expertise is also required
•Example:  troubleshooting a complex systematic problem / Describe loud HVAC at Skyline building 2
•If no in-house staff to sort it out, we must contract out the repair
•Result is more $$, bringing in outside contractors to do unit work
Senior engineers’ ability to lead has been undermined by past practices
•Lingering gun-shy attitude toward taking leadership and initiative
•managers are now empowering seniors to lead the work
•Resulting concerns about unit members doing supervisory work
•Definitions, job descriptions being discussed in LMC’s
Describe current campus staffing levels.
Explain DW engineering position was for special projects engineer (cleaning up after contractors)
Home-grown work order system
•No communication feedback loop (black hole of work orders)
•No easy way to analyze
Training & promotional opportunities
•Continued commitment to training initiative that began in October 2000
•continued deployment of new tools and equipment
•staff must be provided with the resources (tools, equipment, supplies) to perform optimally, along with training to refresh knowledge and increase knowledge of emerging technologies
•utility engineers will receive daily on-the-job training by partnering with journey-level staff.
Promotional opportunities will be built into the program in two ways: 
•temporary engineer vacancies will be filled by detailing in the utility engineers
•a semi-annual placement testing and listing process for utility engineer detail opportunities for groundskeepers and custodians will be initiated
•Placement on the utility engineer detail list will be by a combination of test score results plus continuing education credits through the Facilities Department’s Engineer Training Module Program.
•placement of groundskeepers and custodians into the engineering program (and custodians into grounds positions) is intended to extend career growth opportunities to all AFSCME members.
Operationally, the cross training and promotional initiatives benefits the Department by decreasing lost productivity due to temporary vacancies and minimizing maintenance of a temporary pool of workers to custodian positions.
•Like ITS Help Desk
•Improved communication about service requests
•automation of PM program assignments
•enhanced tracking, reporting and analysis of engineering operation efforts