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Dental Assisting (CA) at College of San Mateo for Spring 2011


For Associate Degree Students, in addition to the major course requirements shown below, students planning to earn an associate's degree must take a minimum of 1-1.5 units of elective courses and satisfy general education (GE) requirements. For more information, please check the following links and see your counselor. Online IGETC courses | Online CSU/GE courses.

For more details please refer the college catalog by clicking here.

  Subject Course # Title Units
  DENT 647 Dental Assist Cooperative Ed 4
  DENT 716 Dental Office Procedures 2.5
  DENT 721 Dental Materials I 3
  DENT 722 Dental Materials II 2
  DENT 731 Dental Science I 3
  DENT 732 Dental Science II 3
  DENT 735 Communictn In Allied Hlth 1
  DENT 740 Chairside Assisting I 4
  DENT 742 Chairside Procedures II 3
  DENT 743 Coronal Polish 0.5
  DENT 744 Dental Sealants 0.5
  DENT 749 Preclinical Dental Science Lab 0.5
  DENT 751 Dental Clinic I 1.5
  DENT 763 Dental Radiology 2
  SPCH 120 Interpersonal Communication 3

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