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Getting Started

Steps to Enrollment

1) Apply

2) See High School Counselor

Meet with high school counselor course recommendation and to discuss courses eligible for credit towards high school graduation, and to receive counselor's approval.  See listing of courses not available to high school students.

3) Take Placement Test (if required)

Prior to enrolling, you must meet course prerequisite requirements based on transcripts, placement test scores or appropriate measures.

See Schedule of Classes/College Catalog for specific course prerequisites, placement testing dates, times, and locations.

4) Submit Course Request Form (English) (Spanish)

Submit via mail, fax or in person the completed and signed College Connection "Course Request Form" to the Office of Admissions and Records at the College you wish to attend.

5) Register for Classes on or after Your Registration Appointment Date

"Registration Appointment Date" will give you access to online registration.  You will receive a college assigned user ID and password to view your appointment date and register for courses at: Websmart.

That's it! If you have questions then please contact us