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Faculty & Employee Web Sites

Name Title College Last Updated
Alaniz, Michele Adjunct Librarian CSM 8/20/2014
Alexander, Stephanie Adjunct Librarian CSM 1/13/2014
Araica, Daisy Professor Skyline 1/7/2015
Bates, Alec (A.J.) Professor Skyline 1/9/2015
Bell, Rachel K. Professor Skyline 1/14/2015
Bookstaff, Shari R. Professor Skyline 1/8/2014
Bridenbaugh, Paul Instructor Skyline 1/15/2015
Broxholm, Thomas G. Evening Coordinator/Professor Skyline 8/28/2014
Broxholm, Sue Instructor Skyline 1/21/2015
Bu, Jiaolan Renee Librarian - Cataloging and Technical Services CSM 12/4/2014
Callahan, Paulette Adjunct Faculty CSM 1/22/2015
Case, Christine Professor Skyline 1/9/2015
Cervantes, Alma Adjunct Faculty Skyline 1/13/2014
Church, Gary Professor CSM 1/16/2015
Colombetti, Carlos Professor Skyline 1/26/2015
Cowing, Renee Senior Programmer I District Office 8/20/2014
CSM Alpha Gamma Sigma SGS Group Account CSM 6/9/2014
Danielson, David G. Professor CSM 6/16/2014
Dorsett, Darrel M. Professor CSM 1/26/2015
Enriquez, Amelito G. Professor Cañada 1/6/2015
Fink, Mark Adjunct Librarian CSM 6/11/2014
Fischer, Bridget Distance Education/Professor Skyline 4/26/2014
Floro, Nina L. Professor/Coordinator, Professional Development Skyline 1/26/2015
Green, Melissa Professor CSM 1/3/2015
Hankamp, Paul Instructor CSM 3/28/2014
Hsu, Sandra Professor Skyline 7/31/2014
Hum, Denise Associate Professor Cañada 1/13/2015
Koskelo, Ilkka Professor Skyline 1/25/2015
Lapuz, Raymond Professor Cañada 1/13/2015
Leary, Mary Anne Assistant Professor Skyline 8/4/2014
Markovich, Frank Instructor Skyline 1/22/2015
Martens, Bryce Adjunct Faculty CSM 6/1/2014
Martin, Theresa M. Professor CSM 9/4/2014
Masare, Johannes A. Professor Skyline 1/11/2015
McOmber, Janice Instructor Skyline 1/27/2015
Millar, Robert R. Professor Emeritus Skyline 8/21/2014
Morris, Teresa Professor CSM 5/16/2014
Moss, Cindy Professor Skyline 1/21/2015
Nance, Candice Assistant Professor Cañada 9/4/2014
Navari, Jude Professor Skyline 9/5/2014
Nguyen, Ted Database Administrator District Office 4/16/2014
Ortiz, Guillermo Professor Skyline 1/13/2015
Putnam, Douglas Instructor CSM 12/2/2014
Dorsett Raeber, Sandra Instructor CSM 1/22/2015
Reuterdahl, Tom Instructor Skyline 1/5/2015
Roach, Stephanie Librarian-Cataloging (Online and Digital Resources) CSM 12/4/2014
Ryan, Michael Student Assistant District Office 7/2/2014
Saterfield, Sondra Full time faculty Cañada 8/26/2014
Schmierer, Tiffany Associate Professor Skyline 8/12/2014
Skyline Biology SMCWEB Account Skyline 11/17/2014
Skyline Gallery Theater Gallery Coordinator Skyline 1/27/2015
Stanford, Darryl Professor CSM 2/13/2014
Staples, Nathan Professor Cañada 1/27/2015
Suzuki, Masao Professor Skyline 1/23/2015
Tabatt, Kalina Adjunct Librarian CSM 8/18/2014
Thomas, Lia Adjunct Reference Librarian CSM 1/15/2014
Thomson, Barry Instructor Cañada 1/21/2015
Tsuchida, Tadashi Professor Skyline 1/22/2015
Velarde, Lisa Adjunct Librarian CSM 11/26/2014
Whitten, Linda Professor Skyline 1/7/2015
Wong, James I. Professor Skyline 8/17/2014
Wu, Jing Professor CSM 1/8/2015