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The Human Resources Department is an excellent resource for information that you need related to your personnel file, health benefits, salary placement, employment verifications, training opportunities, promotional opportunities, paid and unpaid leaves, retirement system procedures and many other employee services. You are invited to use our Automated Service Line at extension 6555 (650-574-6555). You may also find policies, procedures, and rights that you will need and use during your career in our District. You may find this information in our District Portal Site under Downloads Tab, Human Resources folder.


Harry W. Joel, Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources and Employee Relations
358-6767 (Ext. 6767)
Department administrator; Employee and labor relations; HR representative to the Board of Trustees; HR policies and procedures administration; District Rules and Regulations; Human Resources advice and counsel; Collective bargaining agreements negotiation and information; classification reviews.

Debbie Carrington, Human Resources Manager
358-6804 (Ext. 6804)
Position control; job postings; selection procedures; employee and labor relations; new faculty salary placement; Equal Employment Opportunity; Board Reports; ergonomic evaluations; job descriptions; Museum of Tolerance; administrative and faculty selection committee orientations and resource.


David Feune, Compensation and Benefits Manager
358-6775 (Ext. 6775)
Employee compensation/job assignments for regular staff; 403(b) and 457 retirement plans; vendor contract renewals; reporting; salary schedules; exit interviews; retirement information; retiree benefits and payments.


Ingrid Melgoza, Human Resources Specialist
358-6724 (Ext. 6724)
Leave of absence calendars and information; return to work information; workers’ compensation information; short/long term disability; job descriptions; student assistant new hires/job assignments; performance evaluation, Museum of Tolerance.


Mehrdad Elahi, Human Resources Representative
358-6827 (Ext.6827)
Active employee benefits information, including medical, dental, vision insurances; COBRA information; basic and supplemental life insurance; Employee Assistance Program; and flexible spending accounts for regular employees and adjunct faculty; short-term new hires/job assignments; sick leave accrual for adjunct faculty.


Irene Lambly, Recruitment Specialist
358-6822 (Ext. 6822)
Job postings; recruitment; online employment site specialist; classified selection committee orientations and resource; selection procedures; classified staff development, new hire orientation on-line, applicant tracking administrator.


Noemi Diaz, Compensation Specialist
358-6779 (Ext. 6779)
Salary orders; salary step increases; long service increment information; sick leave accrual for regular faculty; sick leave/vacation accrual for administrators/classified; compensation time for classified.


Gina Dizon, Human Resources Representative  
358-6723 (Ext. 6723)   
Job postings; applicant services, including online employment site assistance; verifications of employment; address, telephone, name changes; new hire orientation, new employment preparation; fingerprinting appointments; Board letters, unemployment claims; subpoena, TB tracking.


Myrna Pereyra, Human Resources Representative II
358-6744 (Ext. 6744)
Health Benefit billings, COBRA payment tracking; retiree medical benefits and payments, Adjunct faculty medical reimbursement program.






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