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Many students succeed in math because of talent or good effort, but most students feel they can't excel because they were never good at it. That feeling alone stops these students from succeeding. If a student can throw away those old feelings of not succeeding, then we are one step closer to reaching our goals.


Success is assured the moment you commit yourself.


  Vanson Nguyen

  First Year Experience (FYE) Coordinator
 Office: 4-245

  Office Hours: Daily 12-1pm in TLC or by appointment. Check door card located below

   Phone: 650-738-4147


First Year Experience (FYE): A learning community where a group of college freshman (cohort) stay together in a set sequence of classes for two semesters. The program is designed for students to attain college level Math and English by the end of their first year in college. Please like us on Facebook!


Student Life: Studies have shown that students involved with campus activities lead to success in the classroom. One of the goals for the FYE program is for students to connect with the campus.

Scholarships: I have two $800 scholarships for full time, continuing students. There are many scholarships and most students are eligible for one or more of these scholarships. Thus, every student should apply. The deadline for scholarships is usually in February of every year.





Math 120 Intermediate Algebra (First Year Experience) PH-412
Math 110 Elementary Algebra PH-412

A list of all courses I have taught can be found here.

The sercret to succeeding in my class

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