Physics - Prof. Ilkka Koskelo

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Office: 7312
koskelo {at} smccd {dot} edu
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P250 P260


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Science Lecture series - Mondays 4:30pm

Jobs / Internships / Scholarships / Events:
Women's Honor Award
Astronomy internship
Lots of Summer Internships
Transfer Center workshops etc
Transfer Reps from various colleges
San Francisco County Summer Internship
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Field Monitor Trainee position @SFMTA
Study abroad @Florence or Paris
NIH Bridges summer internship @SFSU
Pre-health professions national conference @ UC Davis
NASA internships for community college students
Pister Award & Scholarship (to UC Santa Cruz)
Engineering for Kids - part-time instructor
Pre-Medical Surgical Internship @UC Davis

Physics news/articles:

The deliberate amateur - joint Nobel/Ignobel winner
Cosmos recap: Faraday
Physics of basketball
• Singing Tesla coils (video): 1 / 2 / 3
Counterintuitive balloon physics
Gravitational wave discovery tells about Big Bang / more
Flying snakes / video
A tedious scale model of the solar system
NASA Kepler mission discovers of 715 new planets
Engineering competition - duct tape a person to the wall
Physics of the high jump
Milestone in man-made nuclear fusion
Physics of the Winter Olympics
How Flappy Bird's physics are cheating you
Physics 270: Quantum engine beats Carnot cycle
• Electric energy - windmills in Malawi: TED talk / Daily Show interview
Cartoon: Label your axes
Cartoon: soh cah toa
Cartoon: Abusing dimensional analysis
Physics textbook author Resnick dies at 91
3D printed artifical limbs
Student rickrolls his teacher with physics essay

Student Organizations:
• SMUD Solar Regatta Spring 2014
• Society for Asian Scientists & Engineers (SASE)
Society for Women Engineers (SWE)
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
Skyline Research Club
Honors club