From 1922 to 1963
Reception for J.B. Conant (six images)

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Record 144/231
Copyright: College of San Mateo
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Accession# 1
Collection College of San Mateo
Description Reception for James B. Conant (former President, Harvard University) probably in conjucton with bond drive for building of new (College Heights) campus/ (six images)
(left to right)
(image 1)
Helen Berryhill (Faculty: English)/
Alyce Bortolazzo (wife of Julio)/
Julio Bortolazzo (President, CSM)/
James Bryant Conant/
Mrs. Bryant ? /
(image 2)
James Bryant Conant/
James B. Tormey (Supt., San Mateo County Schools)/
(image 3)
Tom Reynolds (Supt., San Mateo Union H.S.D.)/
Walter Jack (?) (Supt., San Mateo E.S.D.)/
James Bryant Conant/
Julio Bortolazzo/
(image 4)
James B. Tormey/
U.S. Simonds (Trustee)/
James Bryant Conant/
Julio Boprtolazzo
(image 5)
(foreground, at right) James B. Tormey/
(at Tormey's right) Helen Berryhill/
(same side of table, other end) James Bryant Conant)/
(at head of table) Julio Bortolazzo/
(standing at rear) U.S. Simonds/
(left side of picture, far left) Walter Jack/
third from left) David Rempel (Faculty: Social Sciences)

Year Range from 1960
Object ID csmmult006355
Place College of San Mateo, Coyote Point
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